Portfolio Manager and Asset Allocation Specialist

The need to understand how the world economy works intertwined with financial transactions and human emotions became one of my drivers early in life.
Mario is the founder of Randholm & Co., an investment management company dedicated to producing superior returns for its clients, partners and employees by adhering to mathematical and statistical methods.

Here you have three lines to provide guidance to reflect on your financial ecosystem:

1. Do you have real-time transparency and ownership of your assets?
2. Do you openly talk about all fees with those that serve your financial needs? In the case of poor performance, do they charge you less?
3. Do they care for you as the key member? Are you capable of taking actionable steps from external feedback?

If you answered "no" to any of those questions; value can be added to your ecosystem by my experience or by third parties that I trust.

Thus, it ought to be an optimal way to start our conversation.


Conveniently, I traded most type of strategies and instruments; incubated my own and third party strategies thus I have developed consistent metrics to read financial markets which investors leverage to diversify their capital.

After years of research with live trial and error, I globally engineer my proprietary macro view into a trading architecture to repetitively trade exceptional and maintainable investment opportunities every two weeks. Clients have the advantage of a fully tested ROI rather than allocation to investments which mainly profit from price appreciation.

Currently, I utilize B2B channels to increase competencies. Innovative and unique investment synergies have raised which I benefit and enjoy to share with those that trust me to achieve common investments goals.

At this page you can find a glimpse of my work.

My Abilities

  • Agog ability
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Rote Memory
  • Acquiescence

System's Abilities

  • Instrument Selection
  • Macro view
  • Infrastructure

A Message from Mario Randholm, CEO of Randholm & Co.

Dear Reader,

You probably know that I don't make stock recommendations. However, I have two thoughts regarding your finances that can earn you real money. I'm suggesting that you explore of two subsidiaries of Randholm & Co.: Trading with the guide of RandBots and Managed Accounts Services.

I estimate that about 75% of all qualified investors in the world can profit by partnering with Randholm & Co.. The figure is not 100% because trading required risking financial capital and mental skills which differ from investor to investor, with some favoring investors who live in certain geographical areas and work in certain occupations. I believe, however, that R Option offers the low price, robust technology than does any other trading system to all comers. You can quickly find out whether you are interested in investing by calling your representative or reaching us.

Diversify investments with managed accounts and direct partnerships will almost certainly improve your diversification for less and better than traditional Funds or cost you less at Randholm's. I've looked at the figures for all publicly-traded funds and over 5,000 private hedge funds and the contrast with Randholm's is startling. Our core infrastructure, with its huge specialization, enables us to operate with costs that are fully 15-20 percentage points below those incurred by our competitors. We pass the benefits of this low-cost structure along to our investors.

Every day Randholm's manage positions from investors who want real and direct executions to inspect what it offers and decide which, if any, position they'd like to pursue. We do a huge amount of analysis in this data-driven operation, which allows the investor to conveniently see the exceptional values that we offer. Contact Randholm's and save substantial on your next investment.


Mario Randholm

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