Mario is an investor and founder of Randholm & Co.

It is a site to organize, publish and distribute market related information.

Going forward, all new information will be public. Some legacy post from "* Trade Alerts" are passwords protected. Those trades were sent to a hedge fund before RandBots was fully automated.


It is a platform to share, AutoTrade and distribute strategies that we created and/or we trade.

At Randbots, Mario manages all the systems which name start with an "R": for example R Option or R Option Mini.

You can be save assuming that any system name that start with "R" is managed by Mario. Mario has his own capital invested and traded in the systems listed at Randbots.

At you can find "The Grid". There you can filter all the systems by multiple filters such as Instrument traded, Number of Trades, Sharpe Ratio, Calmar Ratio, Historical Performance, Drawdown, etc.

At you can trade on a simulated account (Paper account) without risking your capital.

Historical data is available for free at the strategy page.

Once you become a subscriber, you can see open positions and will send you trade details.


Please, log in and visit the site section "AutoTrade / Follow" for your information

The scaling set the ratio between your account and the model account at RandBots.

The scaling allow you to adjust the system position size to your account size.

First of all, you need to understand that all of my systems are traded at Portfolio Margin Accounts.

Second, Porfolio Margin (PM) accounts allow the highest leverage at Interactive Brokers.

Third, if you do not have a PM account; you need the understand the advantages and disadvantages of PM.

Fourth, margin requirements for PM accounts are generally lower than for the rest of accounts.

Fifth, Interactive Broker mentioned: "Customers who are currently approved for options trading and who maintain an account minimum of USD 110,000 are eligible to apply for an account upgrade to Portfolio Margin. "

Here you have some information that can be helpful:


Here you have a few scenarios on how scaling works:

AutoTrading Scaling (defaults to 100%, maximum=500%): Enter a percentage for how closely you want to follow the strategy. With scaling set at 100%, you will follow the exact quantity of the strategy.

For example, if the scaling is set to 100% and the strategy opens a position of 2 mini lots of EUR/USD, we will send a signal to open a position for 2 mini lot of EUR/USD in your account.

If you set the scaling to 50%, that will mean that we send 50% of each position to your brokerage account and so on (more examples below).

We don't look at how much you have in your brokerage account, we simply send the corresponding signal to your brokerage account based off the strategy and your scaling (and other AutoTrading configurations)

Example: scaling is set at 50% and the strategy enters a trade for 7 contracts, we would send a trade signal to your brokerage account for 3 contracts. We do not round up because that would exceed your configurations.

Example: scaling is set at 50% and the strategy enters a trade for 1 contract, we would NOTsend a trade signal to your brokerage account. We do not round up because that would exceed your configurations.

Yes, you can trade multiple systems in the same broker account.

No, you can't combine Manual and AutoTrading in the same broker account. The AutoSync function will close manually executed trades if the AutoTrader is active for that account.

However you can create a new account or add sub-account to keep both manual trading and AutoTrading in the same broker and/or under the same user.

Please contact your broker about opening a sub-account

Data from IB web site:

Adding Sub Accounts (Link to third-party website)

As a user of the Master account, you can add Authorized Trading sub accounts with each sub account representing a different trader or trading strategy in your organization. This chapter describes how to add sub accounts to your account, fund them, check their account funding status, configure their trading permissions, and set trading limits for each sub account. Each sub account is responsible for its own market data subscription."

If your account is at Interactive Broker, funded and with trading permissions we can have it ready within 24 hours.

If you are not using, it is likely that the setup is done in real time.

RandBots need your consent if you want to AutoTrade.

If you not are using Interactive Brokers, once your account is open and funded, contact us. We will send you an "Agreement to Connect And Receive Trade Signals From a Third-PartyTrade Signal Provider"

If you are not using Interactive Broker, it is likely you can configure it yourself with your Account ID and Password.

Stocks and Options listed in United States.

If you are planning to AutoTrade please be sure that your account is enable to trade Stocks and Options listed in United States.


Randholm & Co is an investment management company that manage capital for institutions, high net-worth individuals and its employees.

You can find more information at the website.

The minimum investment to open a Managed Account is 200,000 USD or equivalent in other currencies.

We trade listed products in the USA, index futures and FX.

You will receive a document with details to authorized the instruments we trade.

We charge two types of fees: management fee and performance fee.

Our core infrastructure enables  us to operate with costs that are an average between 20 to 30% lower than our competitors.  We pass the benefits of this low-cost structure along to our investors.

Management fee is based on the overall size of the account and the performance fee is based on the generated return.