Dear Investors, I have included a new Equity Strategy to RandBots Portfolio and I started using the strategy to diversify proprietary capital. The strategy traded more than 900 times in the last 6 years with a trade duration of approximately 1 month. The correlation with the SP500 is 0.15700 The average WIN is $2,760 USD The average

Weekly Recap

US Stocks closed with almost flat today. But has been the best week in over four months. Last time we saw this was in Jan 2018. We all remember how Feb2018 turned out. Here is the story from Jan5th 2018: @Lena_popina It Was the Best Week for Stocks in a Year

Feedback on Trade TSLA and RACE

Here you have two interesting long trades to discuss. Long TSLA Three points align to form a support level #TSLA #trade #ElonMusk — Luis Cristhian Padilla Pantoja (@padilla_pantoja) July 13, 2018   Long RACE Long trade on Ferrari stock. Support level spotted #RACE #trade @MarioRandholm — Luis Cristhian Padilla Pantoja (@padilla_pantoja) July 13,
  During the Q1 2018 around 70% of companies topped estimates in USA, and the market is expecting the same sort of performance in a few weeks. Data for the second quarter continue to be positive, but not great which makes the earnings key for future price action. Flows Update – NEW ACTION – INCREASE