SPX structure is changing – Sep 2021

As you can see from the latest post from #Randbots the SPX structure has changed in the last few days. This is important to notice because some stocks might have started behaving differently in price movement. Here is an example, F is above TSLA in the YTD performance. Did you notice what has happened

Bears might have…

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Bears might have a second opportunity today. European Stocks were not as strong as Asian equities

Consolidation #SPX #NDX

NQ did a new fresh high and SPX is pushing as of now. The SPX will soon take make a faster move in any of the two possible ways. I went long last Friday, based on my calculations there is no need to keep the risk constant

#SPX forcing short to reconsider

The bulls won this time, we are near the end of the month and large fund managers might be thinking to add exposure to compensate monthly inflows in the first days of September My systems added long exposure today. So far has been a complex trading month for most systems. Key data and performance