US Markets – Rotation points

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I will be considering yesterday high in NDX and SPX a turning point for the Market until proven wrong.

  1. Vaccine Pfizer news and
  2. Key Sector Rotation

Here you have the top performing stocks of yesterday and the worse.

History tells me that market participant are usually rewarded to continue doing what is working and the only stop one the reward stops. We can be near one of those inflection points.

Her are two pictures that I am carefully reading

Best of Yesterday for NDX and SPX

Worse of Yesterday for NDX and SPX

Market Performance Update

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The US market was ready for a Democrat Win and for the Senate to be Republican, This is what they got so far*, we have a final resolution sooner than later. The stocks and tech rallied strong, too strong in my opinion. The stocks worldwide rallied as well. In China, stocks are doing great. MSCI…

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US Election Update (pro)

The market is moving and consolidating higher than the last few trading days. Here you can find the 2020 map from some minutes ago and 2016 for Wikipedia. I am still with low market exposure and that is going to change faster than expected. FED comments are likely to move more the market than…

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Outstanding YTD Gains in Tech showed impressive results and investors are selling them. #AAPL #AMZN #GOOGL are down.

US Elections next week and the end of the month is not providing a lot of liquidity today. I will add significant risk until we have more vilivility on volumen.