Both SPX and NDX are down, on the other hand, you can see from the picture that some sectors are and that about 250 stocks are positive on the day. Of course, the NDX is almost -3% on the day but the question here. Is this the start of a larger drop or just rebalancing?

Equity Sell-Off: My View

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The strong data today such as GDP, Durable Orders and Jobless Claims should have contained the indexes from large drops and it did not. The link below will show you the MTD of key indexes. SPX is doing much better than NDX. This can be just sector rotation rather than the initial days of a

Long Exposure: BUY

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I have close the short and obtained long exposure to US Indexes again. The market rapidly decided to create a price discovery day higher after yesterday sell off. The ALL TIME HIGH on ES Future is 3959.25 and we are only 40 points away from that. The NQ which was much weaker is far away

Analysis: Where are we heading?

If the market wanted to crack, today, it had a great opportunity but it did not. The models are still short and I have reduced my exposure to that a bit. I will add more shorts – going back to the original position – if I can do it at higher prices. When we see