YTD Update Spiders

The YTD charts of the Spiders are not helping the overall market sentiment. Only Energy is clearly positive with a 36% however its weight on the SPX is not significant yet. Two of my key systems are Flat and Short as of last week.
Here is an update of my current view and some data I enjoy reviewing regularly. Key mayor index components reported last week. The SP500 had 5 negative consecutive weeks in a row. It closed the month at -8.8% and the year so far it is at -13.3% Tuesday: #GOOG #MSFT Wednesday: #FB Thursday: #AAPL #AMZN


Relative to the SPY
The speed of the drop today was similar to March 2020. Here you can review the chart below. Clearly, I was not anticipating such a speed. After 4300 as taking brokers and FCM send messages increasing margin requirement for futures contracts. It seems this created a few margin calls and highly leveraged players were forced

New Year, New Allocation – 2022

Market Rotation
We are at an important stock dispersion that is worth mentioning. Why trading long weaker sectors?