Divergence: SPX vs NDX

NDX and SPX divergences are starting to appear under the surface. I will be taking some risks off the table. Resistance and price volatility are expected if the SPX is able to get over 4600 and seeking to reach 5000. Q4 2021 seems to have the correct ingredients for that especially if the FED allows
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The expected earnings are great which for me does not provide the best setup for larger runs higher. Now we #Reuters is reporting key data on #EverGrande which initially posed serious risks for most equity valuations. Here you can see the Energy ETF outperformance The R Option model has some exposure expiring today. SP500 is

Closing shorts – SPX Update

Short-term shorts were closed today by computers and I lowered the hedges for some of my key models. I am not sure if the weakness will remain tomorrow but this week’s low can act as psychological support for me. I have spent a long time looking at this picture today. For some reason, the PE