NDX and SPX Update

They are both back to previous lower price levels.

VIX is not giving much of a path. I need to wait to see if there is confirmation for significant price consolidation.

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Strong Bulls

Today was the first day that the bulls were not able to close the SPX away for the lows of the day. This is key information to carry forward.

My systems are still liking this price action are not position for a continued deterioration of the market. Today it was enough buying at lower prices on key sectors and stocks.

Am I late to the US equity party?

Most of the systems that guide my market view in SPX and NDX are enjoying are looking to purchase at current levels.

Mainly they read aggressive professional and funds activities. Their readings are loud and clear. There is a net cumulative buying or US Equities at current levels.

Most clients know that those signals provide a general advantage and valid good for a few days. They have been profitable in the past.

VIX is back

The VIX is going to close under 22 for the first time since the last pop. Last month the closing print was near 37 mainly because of the US elections.

Key market participants have already set their portfolio positions for a post-pandemic environment.

Low rates and volatility will remain for the new cycle. Clearly, Stock Prices will move faster than during the last few decades as the binomial of interest rates and future earnings shapes future valuations.