New high SPX – What is next?

All the market participants that are long the SPX are having positive results. This is important because 1. It can trigger more buying 2. It can trigger short covering and 3. It will trigger lowering the risks or options players like myself and placing stops closer to current market prices. The VIX is near 22

Reducing exposure a bit

I am lowering the exposure of the options on derivatives about 30% before 4:15 PM today to US indexes. The other 20% will trigger overnight if Asia trade higher. If not most likely tomorrow. Keeping the ETFs, Biden will sign Friday. Nasdaq not so strong. Please note that market participats are buying cyclical stocks that

Buying more US Stocks

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Of course, I can be wrong. As a trader, my goal is to make money in all market environments. The tools and data that I trust to make trading decisions are telling me to add exposure. I will be adding stops at the lows just incase I am wrong
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With over 15 years of trading experience, I did not earn the right to overwrite the systems that have helped me so much. The recent price action from the US market is looking bad, the economic macro numbers are strong, I read that the Fed and ECB are supported of the current bubble. The trading